Spring is not too far from the corner. If you’re ready to whip out the grill and spend time with loved ones in your outdoor areas, it’s time for a makeover. Here are some Outdoor Deck and Fence Painting Makeover Ideas

Paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update the look of your home. And you don’t have to be limited by what you can paint! Interior, exterior, sidings, front doors, you can even paint your outdoor deck and fences too!

If your yard needs a quick update, here are some deck and fence painting makeover ideas:

Best Deck Paint Colors

Before we get into deck painting tips, let’s talk color. Here are some of the best deck paint colors for your outdoor entertainment platforms:


Gray is becoming a popular paint color choice for many homeowners today. Whether it’s incorporated into the interior or exterior, it’s a great neutral color that can add mystery, style, and depth to your home. For an unconventional outdoor deck, splash on a slate gray color and pair it with white paint on your railings for a modern look.


If you’ve browsed through home makeover ideas on Pinterest, you’ll see many homes sporting darker colors. One trending color is black. While it might not seem like an ideal choice, it is a great color to add a more modern vibe. 

If you’re in need of exterior painting services too, maybe you could opt for a monochromatic all-black look to stand out from your neighbors. Pair the whole look with a bright white accent or natural wood elements and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.


Taking inspiration from The Red Deck in Mariposa, paint your outdoor deck with a fire brick red shade for maximum impact. This will not only add a lot of color to your yard, but it’ll surely stand out from everything else. This is a fantastic option if you have a lot of greenery around because of the contrasting shades.


If you’re not ready to go all out with a bright shade of red, why not go in the opposite direction? Blue is another top trend in outdoor deck painting. Instead of going bright, choose a darker, more toned-down shade like midnight blue. Or, opt for a blue color with gray undertones like Daphne from Sherwin-Williams.

Best Fence Paint Colors

Now that we’ve identified the best deck paint colors, let’s break down the best colors for your fences. Here are some of the preferred colors for fence painting:


Who hasn’t once thought about having a white picket fence? It’s the standard that most people have dreamt since they were kids. And for good reason! White picket fences are gorgeous and clean, and they complement every color in the rainbow. If you want no-nonsense fences that bring light to your outdoor spaces, white is the color for you.


If you want to traverse the unconventional road, why not opt for black? This is a color that is great for both decks and fences! Plus, it makes a brilliant backdrop for your outdoor plants.


If you love the ocean, blue is a great fence paint color. It will help remind you of dazzling cerulean waves gently crashing to the shore. For a fresh take on your fences, go for French blue, Yale blue, or Navy.


If you want to choose an exterior paint color closer to its natural shade, opt for shades of brown. Rustic brown and autumn brown are gorgeous shades that could blend in well with the rest of your home.

Deck and Fence Painting Makeover Tips

Look at the Bigger Picture

Before you set your heart on a specific color, look at the bigger picture. Will the color go well with your exterior paint? How about your gate or fences? Try to picture how it will all go together to ensure that you get a cohesive overall look.

If you’re unsure about what colors go together, consult with our experts for a free color consultation. We can guide you toward the best deck paint colors that will upgrade your outdoor areas and make them picture-perfect for your next get-together.

Prepare the Surfaces

Before you even crack open a can of paint, get ahold of cleaning supplies first. Remove any furniture from your outdoor deck or any plants that get in the way of your fences. Give the area a good clean by brushing away loose dirt and debris and scrubbing the area with a bleach solution. Thoroughly cleaning your surfaces will ensure paint adhesion and a smooth finish.

In addition to cleaning, if you have previously painted decks and fences, you must run the surfaces through with a steel brush. This will let you know if the previous coat of paint is still in good condition. If there are no signs of flaking, you can skip the primer and go straight to painting.

Apply Primer

Primer is necessary for new decks and fences. It will also come in handy if you have surfaces that gone through minor repairs and had the previous paint removed. Before the primer is applied, the surface must be 100% dry. Moisture can get trapped in wood for up to 2 days so it’s best to allow your outdoor deck and fences to completely dry before application.

Paint the Surfaces

Now that you’ve gone through all of the steps, it’s time to paint! With hundreds of exterior paint available, you need to choose the right product for your surfaces. Our experienced deck and fence painting professionals always select premium paint products that provide a smooth and durable finish. This way, we can guarantee beautiful outdoor features that stay vivid for longer.

Superior Deck & Fence Painting Services

If you can’t upgrade your outdoor decks and fences yourself, leave it to us.

At The Paint Boys, we have the experience and expertise to turn these deck and fence painting makeover ideas into reality. We know you want meaningful moments with your family and friends, and we can create the most beautiful and stylish spaces for you.

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