We require a lot from exterior paint. We expect the paint to give our homes a new look, withstand the varying seasons, and keep everything intact. But this can’t be achieved without thought or effort. 

To extend home exterior paint, here are some tips from the experts:

Intensive Clean

It all starts pre-paint. Before you even get a layer of exterior paint on, you need to ensure that your exterior surfaces are squeaky clean. All dirt, dust, grime, and other debris need to be removed from the surface. These particles can adhere to surfaces, and when left alone, can affect the integrity of the primer and paint application.

To guarantee smooth and perfectly painted walls, all surfaces need to go through an intensive cleaning process. This means that you need to whip out plenty of cleaning solution, water, and rags or sponges to wipe all of the dirt away. You also need to check for hidden dust along the edges of your trimming, window panes, and other similar features for detailed cleaning. Dust and debris can accumulate over time, especially on exterior walls, so you need to be relentless.

By going the extra mile in cleaning your outer surfaces, you can rest assured that the paint will adhere to your walls much better, ensuring prolonged durability and lifespan.

Quality Primer

Primer is the paint’s best friend. These two products often go hand-in-hand in exterior residential painting projects, especially when dealing with new surfaces or newly scraped and sanded surfaces. 

There are different types of primer but its main function is to allow the paint to adhere to your walls. It is a resin-based material that is used as an initial coating to preserve the integrity of your surfaces and prevent water and other materials from penetrating. It also creates an adhesive layer on top of your surfaces so the paint gets a better grip. Sometimes, primer is also used as an initial coating for aesthetic purposes. If you are painting your exterior with a light color, there are tinted primers that will allow the paint color to pop with lesser coats.

It is necessary to start with primer when painting the exterior of your home. It protects against the elements and guarantees to extend home exterior paint.

Premium Exterior Paint

Paint is the primary aspect of any residential painting project. Premium exterior paint is the component that guarantees a long-lasting, durable, and quality finish. With plenty of exterior paint products available, ensure that the one you select is best suited to your home.

One of the main advantages of working with a professional painting company is that they often provide free consultations and estimates. From this, you can get an idea of what type of paint they use for their projects. Low estimates do not guarantee quality or value because they might utilize cheap, low-grade paint. And for exterior projects like this, you need the best quality paint to ensure long-lasting results.

Premium exterior paint will help prevent premature issues to your surfaces. It will lessen the chances of improper adhesion, peeling, and fading. Remember, paint quality matters. It goes on smoother, looks better, and lasts much longer.

Temperate Weather

One factor that can affect the adhesion of paint to your exterior is the weather. In Temecula and nearby areas, the weather is usually fair. This works to our advantage since we don’t have to worry about sudden downpours or snow. However, too much heat and humidity can also affect adhesion. Exterior paint usually takes an hour to dry, but too much humidity can affect the drying time and the quality of the paint. The same goes for cold weather. Too much cold can cause the paint to bubble or roll off. As a general marker, the best conditions to paint your home’s exterior are between 65-90 ℉.

Pressure Wash

Once you’ve got a freshly painted exterior, one way to extend home exterior paint is to keep it clean. Over time, dust, debris, bird droppings, mold, mildew and other types of growth can make your exterior look dull and faded. Not only that, but they can also pose health risks. To get rid of build-up, turn to pressure washing solutions.

Pressure washing your home will remove dust and help prolong the life of the paint and your surfaces. It’s a quick and easy process when handled by professionals. Unfortunately, if done incorrectly, it can do more damage than good. Too much water pressure can scrape off the paint, allow water to seep into the walls, and damage texture and integrity.

For optimum results, choose professional pressure washers to manage the care of your home’s exterior.

Regular Maintenance

For longer-lasting exterior paint, commit to regular maintenance. Regularly cleaning the exterior once or twice a year will go a long way in preserving the integrity of the paint and your home. 

If you see areas showing signs of disrepair, do a quick touch-up, refresh the caulking, and make minor repairs. Doing these small repairs will prevent further damage, ensure the upkeep of your home, and maintain its curb appeal.

Professional Exterior Painting Services

If you need exterior painting services, trust your home with a professional painting company.

At The Paint Boys, we specialize in quality residential painting services. We are committed to providing homeowners with quality painting services that transform, protect, and inspire.

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